Hello, I am Jen! This site is about my different fields of interest and work. You may read about my workshops and talks that I offer, my passion for photography as well as my writings. For a quick insight:

Photography. The passion for photography evolved quiete a few years ago and I am always hunting for new inspirations. I am also trying out analog photography and plan on blogging about my experiences with developing in my “bathroom-darkroom”.

Sociology. I passionately studied sociology at the University of Hamburg. During my studies my paths have led me to discover new horizons and perspectives. Along that I had the oppertunities to engage in different professional fields of work and gained more experiences, even outside my field of studies, where I grew more and more into an active sex-positive-feminist* and queer activist.

If you have questions about any aspects of my work please feel free to contact me. I am also always happy to expand my network. Evenmore so when they involve inspiring conversations and new insights: Jen@lilahut.de